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Mountain Twin EP

by Joel Porter

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Mountain Twin is a tribute. To skies forever. To seeing in every direction until the horizon drops. To climbing mountains only to descend a different man. To family bands, and singing strings, and raging floods. 'Mountain Twin' sings to these. And sweetly...


released March 3, 2017

Mountain Twin EP
Written by: Joel Porter & Tom Porter
Produced by: Eric Hillman
Mixed by: Joe Visciano
Mastered by: Chris Gehringer



all rights reserved


Joel Porter Nashville, Tennessee

Bismarck, ND
Nashville, TN

Thank you, with all my heart, for listening to this music. Its yours now.

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Track Name: Mountain Twin
Mountain Twin

Steadfast through a blanket white
Woven among narrow pines
Oh what a hallowed sight
Open air paired with stillness
The genesis of innocence
My burdens all-amiss

Thawing frost across my face
Melt away the masquerade
Into a cascade
Stainless windows made of ice
Bring fourth from my cluttered mind
bits of closeness to divine

High above streaks of modern sin and blurred vision
Find between white peaks the canyons leak an origin
Where I become my mountain twin

Carving out with every step
A new name, one with pertinence
A joy enthusiast
Now revealed, with different eyes
My carefulness lent the disguise
to bits of closeness to divine

High above streaks of modern sin and blurred vision
Find between white peaks the canyons leak an origin
Hear the sound it hangs above the trees with resonance
Vacancy replaced by flowing creaks of eloquence
Where I become my mountain twin

Steal breath, fill it up with pine
Bits of closeness to divine
Track Name: St. Anthony
St. Anthony

Hear me Anthony,
I can’t seem to find what I’m seeking
Misplaced all my love and way of thinking
Carried in the current of last year

Help me Anthony,
My mistakes are finally catching up
I ignored the simple acts of love
Let them rust all bundled up with greed

Oh oh oh
I’m sick of seeing all the times I chose the lie
And tired of being reminded of my measured time
To make things right

Holy Anthony,
Your passion is something that I’m seeking
To emulate, although my actions flawed
Lost and I don’t know where I’ve been

Hold me at the knees,
Hang me upside down so I can find
A living world outside of black and white
Color bursting full and out of seam

Oh oh oh
I’m sick of writing songs that make my father cry
So why am I compelled to write with words of slight
I need some help to find where grace and peace collide
And give back to the world the words I know I have inside
Help me fight
To make things right
Help me find
My beautiful mind
Track Name: We are Giants
We are Giants

Come let us see
If we can breath new life into
How things used to be
We have been asleep
Searching the back of our eyelids
Looking for a bone made key
To unlock where we’ve been

Its like we’re in a dream
Our legs are taller than the cityscapes
And metal majesties
Run, run with me
Far from these glowing power lines
That keep us blind to what we need
And who we’re supposed to be

We are giants
We are giants
We are giants
In a world that don’t believe

Now its time to leave
Maybe another day we will return
And live in harmony
Come and sink with me
We’ will slip into the line
Where the sky’s sewn into sea
We’ll be a distant memory
Where we aren’t make believe
Track Name: Winter Coat
Winter Coat

I always seem to wear the winter well
Brought shivered skin and cracks in for repair
The splinters from the axe removed in frozen air
Then built up into stacks and burned away with care

Where white laced peaks remind me I’m a guest
And change is imminent

So slow this slipping mind
Befriend the desolate
Take time to mend, grow out your thicker fur

And wear the winter well

(Steal Breath)